Dra. Miriam Luciano

Ginecóloga, obstetra & cirujana estética. Vídeo colposcopia, rejuvenecimiento y embellecimiento vaginal láser. O-shot 

Gynecologist, obstetrician & cosmetic surgeon. Video colposcopy, laser vaginal rejuvenation and beautification. O-shot

1)So genuinely Dr. Pina treated me in all our WhatsApp interactions.

2)How graciously answered all my questions and answered all my concerns.

3)How she took such excellent care of my daughter and my friend when she performed her procedure.

4)All positive comments from the SX community.

5)How highly her former assistant Carolina spoke about her and the fact that Carolina had a close personal friend who had undergone prolapse surgery with Dr. Pina as well, and achieved stellar results.

6)Your Realself CommentsMy spirit resonated with Dra. Miriam luciano Pina.I know in fact that I made the right decision ... For me!

Why did you choose the doctor you chose?
I had a great experience with Dr. Luciano she was understanding to my needs and went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the procedure. The procedure took 15 to 20 minutes, it was not uncomfortable felt great afterwards.
Excellent Service

Just came back from getting my vaginal rejuvenation and O shot from Dra. Miriam Laciano Pina. I was EXTREMELY nervous about this procedure her assistant Krystal made me feel so comfortable and assured me that it was not as painful as I expected. It did not wash one bit, when I felt a little heat in an arm I would say Caliente and she would move to a different area. She was very sweet very professional. The thing that let me know that the Lasix was working right away was the expression on my husbands face when he saw the hole tightening was priceless.... After having three children vaginally I think we both deserve this experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!Thank you so much for changing my life. :-)

Highly Recommended
Nov 20,2020 I had labiaplasty with fat transfer with Dra Luciano. I’m very apply with my results I also had clitoral simulation. I have hated my vagina most of my life & Dra Luciano gave my confidence back. I’d meet Dr Luciano in 2018 with a lady from my surgery blog she’d preformed Vagina tightening on her & she was quite pleased with her results. In 2018 I had a consultation with her but did not return for the surgery until 2020. I can’t tell you how satisfied I an with my new vagina. I am not having sex at the moment that wasn’t the purpose of the surgery. I wanted vagina confidence & I definitely have that. Dra Luciano is very professional & she takes pride in her work. She is highly recommended by me.
Best DESIGNER VAGINA Doctor in Santo Domingo

About Us

Dra. Miriam Luciano

Ginecologa - Obstetra

Les Brindamos a nuestras pacientes Salud, belleza y cariño , tres cualidades que consideramos importante porque van de la mano para la satisfacción de la mujer, además del trato profesional personalizado y confidencial que nos caracteriza. 

Tengo 24 años de práctica profesional en el cual he aprendido la importancia de elevar el autoestima de la mujer, y en el cual es nuestro objetivo principal. 


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